Red Waterfalls

My dress was bunched around my waist and I lay exposed to this brawny man of West African descent. He had the typical features of a man from that area of Africa, strong
presence of nose, coffee skin tone and a head that was flat at the back. He was what we would call a ‘lekwerekwere’.

“I’m going to put…” he thrust his fingers roughly into me, “… four inside.”

I shut my eyes tightly, grimacing at his sudden invasion of my body. He didn’t bother to use
any form of lubrication nor did he have any gloves on.

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Hello Friend

Consistent optimism is exhausting because life is very sadistic. Just when you think you have it all figured out, life changes the game. You stumble over the obstacles, scraping your shin on the way over the obstacle. After overcoming an obstacle, a sense of achievement washes over you; you revel in the waves of accomplishment. Then the tide is low, and more obstacles keep coming. And then you’re drowning again.

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