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Consistent optimism is exhausting because life is very sadistic. Just when you think you have it all figured out, life changes the game. You stumble over the obstacles, scraping your shin on the way over the obstacle. After overcoming an obstacle, a sense of achievement washes over you; you revel in the waves of accomplishment. Then the tide is low, and more obstacles keep coming. And then you’re drowning again. You’re trying to breathe but life is relentless; the under current is strong and you disappear in a whirlpool of pessimism and disappointment. So how are you meant to stay optimistic in times like these? How are you expected to keep going and adopt ‘an attitude of gratitude’?

Self-help for what?

There is a billion-dollar self-help industry for a reason. It is almost impossible to keep yourself in a constant state of optimism. It is close to impossible, but it can be done. What matters the most in your time of need is to insulate yourself with a formula you apply to each and every situation you find yourself in. You have to apply this formula every single day of your life. The thing about this formula is that it is different for everyone. The only way to find out what works for you is to fully immerse yourself in finding what balances your energy, and what keeps you balanced. Only after you have experimented with various self-help techniques will you know what truly works for you.

Optimism for me

It took me a long time to find what worked for me. I was aimlessly optimistic; always finding silver linings but losing the lessons behind them. I would find myself in the same situations over and over and still remain foolishly optimistic. I had to learn the hard way that part of my journey should include retaining the hard lessons. I also had a problem with staying true to what I wanted. For example, if I wanted ice cream and plain ice came along, I would take the ice even though it wasn’t what I initially wanted. I would settle. Then force myself to be optimistic about what I had settled for. I was making being optimistic a very difficult task when it didn’t have to be. I stopped settling, I started retaining my lessons, and being optimistic became a much easier thing to do.

Lets go on a journey

It is okay to explore religion or spirituality in the pursuit of keeping yourself happy. Meditation also has provided great comfort for those who prefer to reach within themselves. You cannot avoid yourself and introspection in the journey of optimism. Vision boards help. Affirmations help. There is so much to delve into when it comes to exploring how to be optimistic all the time. This is what I believe my calling is. I know almost nothing except what I have experienced in my life. I am not a guru nor am I enlightened or anointed but I do think my lessons can help those around me. I want to help you become consistently optimistic. Are you ready to join me on this journey?

With love and optimism

From me to you

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