I look forward to right now and revel in the memories of the present.

Every second of every moment tastes like the sweet nectar of life’s pleasures.

Many have woken up dead never to rouse to the future of their past.

I look forward to making every present moment last.

As an expectant mother carrying the very seed that perpetuates life anticipates right now,

I anticipate this very time.

As her belly swells she relives every instant before it has come to fruition.

It’s almost a déjà vu you never knew as you embody life’s intuition.

I foresee a time in the present moment when everything is alright.

When happiness and content consummate a reality you cannot fathom even as it happens.

A time foretold in the now that is inconceivable even to fortune tellers.

Propelled forth by the actuality of destiny’s propellers.

I look forward to right now and the present tense of my past participle.

To act as a verb even when I exemplify a proper noun.

To remain in the moment of the current and commemorate each waking instant.

I stay in the past and reside in a future where, always, I look forward to right now.