Since 1989

About Basego Oratile Segaetsho

Basego is a self-published author and writer based in Gaborone, Botswana. She was born in the charming village of Ramotswa and hails from the resplendent village of Serowe. Having spent some years schooling in South Africa and Eswatini, she has developed a resounding love for African cultures and people.

In 2017, she was awarded the Poetavango Prize for Short Fiction for her short story, Resilience of the Burchell’s. In 2019, one of her poems, Grim Reaping, was selected to be included in the Petlwana Journal of Creative Writing. One of her quotations was selected for inclusion in the 2020 Embracing Our Differences Exhibit in Sarasota, Florida. In 2020, Basego self-published her debut fictional novel, Sun Dried Tears, and it is available for purchase here.

From December 2021 until present, Basego has ghostwritten over 20 books. She specializes in non-fiction topics and prides herself in her efficiency.  Basego produces bodies of work that are 100% original and creative; her research skills are thorough and enviable. She enjoys gardening and exploring self-mastery techniques to improve her self-awareness.


Basego Oratile Segaetsho